[0] [1] [v] say, speak, talk, tell. [2] [v] explain, clarify, make clear. [3] [v] discuss, negotiate, bargain. [4] [v] stress, expound, preach. [5] [prep] as to, as regards, when it comes to.





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Related Words
Word Jyutping Meaning
講得清楚 gong2 dak1 cing1 co2 to speak clearly;
好處多到講唔晒。 hou2 cyu3 do1 {dou3 dou3*2} gong2 m4 saai3 。 粵   The advantages are too numerous to mention. <br>Cantonese verbs and adjectives are often followed by various types of particle. Here,到、唔 and 晒 are extent, potential and quantifying particles respectively.
講究 gong2 gau3 to pay particular attention to; aesthetic; exquisite;
講座 gong2 zo6 [1] course of lectures; seminar; talk; dialogue [2] professorship; chairmanship; chair;
演講 jin2 gong2 to give a speech or a lecture;
講述 gong2 seot6 to talk about; to narrate an account;
講解 gong2 gaai2 to explain;
講台 gong2 toi4 platform; podium
講義 gong2 ji6 teaching materials; class handouts; lecture notes;
講學 gong2 hok6 lecture;

Related Sentences
Sentence SWC Jyutping Meaning
你講。 你說。 nei5 gong2 You speak.
講到尾咪又係個錢字。 gong2 dou3 mei5 jau6 hai6 go3 cin2 zi6 Everything boiled down to cash in the end.
件事講起嚟真係一疋布咁長。 gin6 si6 gong2 hei2 lai4, zan1 hai6 jat1 pat1 bou3 gam3 coeng4 It's a long story to tell, as long as a full roll of fabric.
嗰條友剩係得個講字﹐唔使理佢。 他嘛, 光打雷不下雨的, 你最好別理睬他。 go2 {tiu4 } jau5 zing6 hai6 dak1 go3 gong2 zi6 ﹐m4 sai2 lei5 keoi5 。 That guy is just all talk and no action. Pay no attention to him.
講多錯多 gong2 do1 co3 do1 The least said the soonest mended. | Many words lead to many mistakes.
講開又講丫 說個題外話 gong2 hoi1 jau6 gong2 aa1 粵 to mention in passing, to digress.
你係咪聽緊我講嘢㗎? 你 有 在聽 嗎 ? nei5 hai6 {[1] mai1 [2] mai5[3] mai6 [4] mi4} {[1] teng1 (coll) ting1 ting3 (lit) [2] ting1 [3] ting3} gan2 ngo5 gong2 je5 gaa3 Are you listening to me?
你講英文講得好好。 你的 英文 說得 很好。 nei5 gong2 jing1 {[1] man4 [2] man1 [3] man6} gong2 dak1 {[1] hou2 [2] hou3} {[1] hou2 [2] hou3} You speak english very well.
佢識講四種語言。 她 會 說 四種 語言 。 keoi5 {[1] sik1 [2] zi3} gong2 sei3 {[1] zung2 [2] zung3} jyu5 jin4 She speaks four languages.
佢識講西班牙話,但係就唔識講意大利話。 她 會 說 西班牙文 , 但 不會 說 義大利文 。 keoi5 {[1] sik1 [2] zi3} gong2 sai1 baan1 ngaa4 {waa6 waa6*2} daan6 hai6 zau6 m4 {[1] sik1 [2] zi3} gong2 ji3 daai6 lei6 {waa6 waa6*2} She speaks Spanish, but she doesnt speak Italian.