[0] [1] [n] foreign country/state; [2] [adj] foreign; barbarian; alien; [3] [measure] times; session-fold; kind/sort of; [4] [v] take turns; do in turns; [5] [粵] [adv] back; again; afresh.





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Related Words
Word Jyutping Meaning
番梘 faan1 gaan2 soap. Mand.: 肥皂. 梘 is probably related to 鹼 or 碱 (alkaline).;
番石榴 faan1 sek6 lau4*2 the guava fruit | Some Cant. dialects: 雞屎果 | Scientific name: Psidium guajava;
一番 jat1 faan1 a course; a turn;
番茄 faan1 ke4*2 tomato [Var.] 蕃茄;
十年人事幾番新 sap6 nin4 jan4 si6*2 {gei2 gei1} {faan1 pun1} san1 things change a lot in ten years, times have changed
了番出嚟 liu5 {faan1 pun1} ceot1 lei4/lai4 to bring up something from the past, to raise an old grievance.
留番拜山先講 lau4 faan1 baai3 saan1 sin1 gong2 (leave it for paying respects to the dead)a request to defer some topic, let's not talk too much about it now" (i.e. let's leave it for when paying repects to the dead)."
群番 kwan4 {faan1 pun1} to join with again, to associate with again
求番支好籤 kau4 {faan1 pun1} zi1 {hou2 hou3} cim1 to seek advice from an experienced person.
慳番啖氣 haan1 faan1 daam6 hei3 "save your breath," used to tell someone who is talking that it is pointless and nobody is listening to him;

Related Sentences
Sentence SWC Jyutping Meaning
佢 用 英文 嚟 演講 簡直 係 好 到 冇得頂 , 完 咗 之後 我 大讚 佢 一番 。 她的 英文演講 無可挑剔 , 所以 演講完後 我去 稱讚 她 。 keoi5 jung6 jing1 {[1] man4 [2] man1 [3] man6} {lei4 lai4} jin2 gong2 gaan2 zik6 hai6 {[1] hou2 [2] hou3} {dou3 dou3*2} mou5 dak1 {deng2 (coll) ding2 (lit)} jyun4 zo2 zi1 hau6 ngo5 daai6 zaan3 keoi5 jat1 {faan1(pun1 in placename)} Her speech in English was impeccable, so Icomplimented her afterwards.