[0] verbal particle used to express potentiality or to indicate a result or an extent





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Related Words
Word Jyutping Meaning
得閒 dak1 haan4 available; to have free time | Mainly used in Cantonese, but can also be used in Mandarin (though 有空 is much preferred in Mandarin). [also written as] 得閑;
唔得閒 m4 dak1 haan4 not free; busy | Synon.: 忙 | Mand. only: 不得空閒 (or simply, 沒有空);
講得清楚 gong2 dak1 cing1 co2 to speak clearly;
比得上 bei2 dak1 soeng5 match up to; be a match for sb; compare favourably with; bear comparison with [antonym] 比不上; [];
怪不得 gwaai3 bat1 dak1 no wonder | Cant.: 唔怪得; 唔怪之得; 唔怪得;
得戚 dak1 cik1 smug; arrogant; variant: 得敕; Additional PoS:;
可得到 ho2 dak1 dou3*2 available;
好得多 hou2 dak1 do1 much better; better by far;
多得嗮 do1 dak1 saai3 to be grateful to sb or for sth;
得天獨厚 dak1 tin1 duk6 hau5 to be endowed with an exceptional advantage;

Related Sentences
Sentence SWC Jyutping Meaning
記得帶齊啲嘢喎! gei3 dak1 daai3 cai4 di1 je5 wo3  Remember to bring along all the stuff, okay!
小心駛得萬年船 Cantonese siu2 sam1 sai2 dak1 maan6 nin4 syun4 better safe than sorry; caution is the parent of safety
佢噏得就噏, 周時俾人抽後腳。 keoi5 ngap1 dak1 zau6 ngap1, zau1 si4 bei2 jan4 cau1 hau6 goek3 He tends to shoot his mouth off that people often use his own words to contradict him.
嗰條友剩係得個講字﹐唔使理佢。 他嘛, 光打雷不下雨的, 你最好別理睬他。 go2 {tiu4 } jau5 zing6 hai6 dak1 go3 gong2 zi6 ﹐m4 sai2 lei5 keoi5 。 That guy is just all talk and no action. Pay no attention to him.
你唔得逐個嚟搬㗎咩!? 你不可以一次搬一個嗎? nei5 m4 dak1 zuk6 go3 {lei4 lai4} bun1 gaa3 me1 粵 You can't bring them one at a time?
對唔住,我一啲都唔記得嘞,因為我同男朋友一齊去嘅。 對不起, 我一點也不記得了, 因為我和男朋友一起去的. deoi3 m4 zyu6 ngo5 jat1 di1 dou1 m4 gei3 dak1 {laa3 laak3 laa1} jan1 {[1] wai4 [2] wai6} ngo5 tung4 naam4 pang4 jau5 jat1 cai4 {[1] heoi3 [2] heoi2} {[1] ge3 [2] ge2} 粵 sorry, I don't really remember because I went with my boyfriend.
你覺得冇乜嘢吖嘛?-冇,冇乜嘢。 你 覺得 還好 嗎 ? 還好 nei5 {[1] gok3 [2] gaau3} dak1 mou5 mat1 je5 aa1 {maa4 maa3} mou5 mou5 mat1 je5 Are you feeling alright? - I'm fine。
你講英文講得好好。 你的 英文 說得 很好。 nei5 gong2 jing1 {[1] man4 [2] man1 [3] man6} gong2 dak1 {[1] hou2 [2] hou3} {[1] hou2 [2] hou3} You speak english very well.
我哋得閒嘅時候做好多唔同嘅嘢。 我們 在 空閒時間 做 很多 不同的 事情 。 ngo5 {dei6 dei6*2} dak1 haan4 {[1] ge3 [2] ge2} si4 hau6 zou6 {[1] hou2 [2] hou3} do1 m4 tung4 {[1] ge3 [2] ge2} je5 We do a lot of different things in our free time.
惠美禮拜日通常都得網球。 惠美 通常 在 星期日 打 網球 。 wai6 mei5 lai5 baai3 jat6 tung1 soeng4 dou1 dak1 mong5 kau4 Megumi usually plays tennis on Sundays.